Monday, February 27, 2017

7 years in Heaven

My mom...  May I always remember her exactly like this photo.... Smiling in the sunshine surrounded by her family and grandchildren.

Today marks 7 years.... while it seems so long ago it also feels like yesterday.  I miss this women more than I thought I still would.  I miss her voice, her laugh, her hands, her home cooked meals, her phone calls, her guidance, her love...

I had a great day today at home thinking of her all day.  The music station played old country hymns that were exactly what I wanted to hear and were a constant reminder of her.  I was able to reflect on my life and the things she has taught me.
  * Remember others when they need help, bring a meal, mail a card. Be present.
  * Speak your mind but know when to hold your tongue.
  * It is ok to be vulnerable.
  * Being a wife and a mom is a gift.  Cook the meals, clean the mess, provide.
  * Have fun and enjoy your life.

Through it all I have come away knowing more about myself, caring more for others, and creating deeper relationships.  I am so thankful I wrote on this blog.  I can truly say it was therapy as I would never have said these things out loud to anyone and it has also allowed me to remember moments amongst my grieving.

Thanks mom, I wish I would have told you that more.


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